Future Prospective

•April 28, 2009 • 2 Comments


The future prospect of dance music, in my opinion, is huge. We can see that across the world, events are being held accommodating more than 20,000 people. So if it could be that big at other countries it definitely, maybe not at the same level, can make a mark here as well. But this cannot happen overnight. It has to be promoted. DJ’s can experiment music with different genres and let the listeners be exposed to different forms of music. The scene has to be made in such that party-goers and listeners attend to events actually to enjoy the music and listen to what the DJ has to offer more than anything else. Radio stations can help do this as well. As dance music is becoming more commercial, people are listening to it more and the rise of internet downloads has helped too. Therefore if it is promoted in ways mentioned above there is a good future for not just electronic music but other genres as well!!!


Current Situation

•April 26, 2009 • 2 Comments


On a different perspective from there we talked about a different issue and that was about the prospect of dance music in Dhaka. The dance music scene is slowly evolving here in Dhaka. Dance music is seen generally as being the more underground type of music when compared to hip-hop or any other genre which rules the airwaves in Dhaka but times are changing and so are the people’s tastes in music. At all the commercial parties here hip-hop, Hindi, and pop music are being showered by DJ’s, while genres like house, trance etc are not being played as much.

DJ’s from Bangladesh

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Now we have almost 20 to 22 DJ’s in Dhaka town among which 5 to 6 are at the top. Two years back there weren’t even 5 DJ’s. And those who were there played very basic music. What we need are turntables, a pair of DJ CD players, mixer, headphones and record vinyl. Unfortunately, these are not available in Bangladesh so if anyone wants any equipment then they need to order in sites or need to buy it from abroad. But with years passing, music technology got better and more and more people came onto give DJ-in a try. Bangladeshi DJ named Polash who’s making great fame abroad. He’s among the top 30-40 DJ’s in the world and has played with the top 10 international DJ’s! There are some great DJ’s here too- DJ Prince, DJ Simon, DJ Shezan, DJ Duke. Among them DJ Shezzan is the most well know and recognized house DJ here.

Party Places in Dhaka

•April 18, 2009 • 2 Comments


Lately, it is very good. A vibrant club scene has sprung up namely International Club, Privilege, Déjà vu Café where DJ’s are required to play frequently. Otherwise there are many lounges like Kozmo, D’Pavement, La saigone, Heritage and reputed hotels like Radisson, Westin and Regency also some other place where they hold DJ parties every now and then. Especially on New Year’s Eve, you can hardly imagine a party without any DJ! I can see a highly promising outlook for DJ’s in the future. Few years back there were few peoples were partying in club but now it is not so. Every now and then you’ll see functions like Holud where DJ’s are hired to keep the party alive. And as I’ve already mentioned the lounges have played a big role for the whole DJ evolution

Radio from Bangladesh

•April 14, 2009 • 3 Comments

Radio channels like Radio Foorti had its own initiative when it aired a show called Club Foorti that brought DJ’s in its studio and aired the show live on every Thursday night. But the show had to be stopped for various circumstances. However, to renew that initiative, Club Foorti is teaming with the DJ Forum which is a forum consisting of all top DJ’s in the country. The forum is in its last stage and will be launching very soon. DJ Shezzan was the man who is the first DJ who played live in a radio show 1st time in Bangladesh. Then radio channel like Radio Today also hosted live mix with DJ Rahat.

Event Managements

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There are so many event management services which are organizing party in Dhaka city. They are doing well by taking help from their sponsors and many people are working over there. There are almost 30 Event management’s services in Bangladesh among them Catfish, JPR, Red Dot and Unicom are most reputed.

The Scenario

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Disc-jockeying can be a tough job. The ability to blend in different music to produce a tune that causes people to hit the dance floor requires a lot of creativity. DJ parties are not new in this town and what with increasing venues and opportunities; it’s growing popular day by day in Dhaka. Here the main drawback in being a DJ is knowledge gap. Most people don’t know what it is about. Some youngsters think that it’s something cool so they just jump into it without being acquainted to it. DJ-ing can be an intricate process where a lot of mixing and matching is needed. One should be extremely passionate about music. Understanding of music genres such as trance, house, dance, hip-hop, bhangra and the likes are imperative. One must also have contacts with known DJ’s from whom they can learn. But now days everything is changing many artist and DJ like Ministry of Sounds, Dr. Zeus, Bally Sagoo.